See what these Jet Link Clients have to say about us;

“I have used Jet Link since 1999 and their attention to detail is superb! From every little item on their charter quote to the flight following and to the invoice, their customer service is second to none!”

Dion Glenn - Flight Ops Mgr. - Fertitta Enterprises

“I have been using Jet Link for over 7 years and my experience has been great! Jet Link is always professional, efficient and friendly, a real pleasure to work with. Harrah’s can have a last minute request or middle of the night for an aircraft and Jet Link is always available and quick to respond. Jet Link is very knowledgeable about the different types and sizes of aircraft and I feel confident about the information they provide.”

Patty Geraci – Manager Flight Operations Support – Harrahs Aviation Services

“I have been using Jet Link Corporation since 2001. I am most impressed with their competitive pricing along with their impeccable service. Jet-Link's attention to every detail from the time I make my first call to the completion of the charter is one of the main reasons I use Jet-Link. Jet-link is extremely proactive regarding damage control and implements back up plans when situations such as weather and maintenance issues arise. Their industry knowledge is extensive and their detailed attention to safety is above reproach. I am confident that when Jet-Link is in charge of my flight, I am getting the best aircraft at the most competive price, and all aircraft and pilot records have been reviewed and approved. Jet Link accommodates my individual charter needs and is creative in meeting my industry's demanding schedule and requests.”

Cece Neber Labao – Executive Assistant, Richard Donner – The Donners’ Company

“I just wanted to send a quick note to you about Maria. She is FANTASTIC. I absolutely appreciate the tremendous customer service she provides. I know I tend to ask too many questions (because I want to understand and have everything be perfect) but she never makes me feel as though I am a bother and goes above and beyond to ease my mind.

Her kindness, attention to detail and excellent customer service is refreshing and I appreciate her!

I am so happy I connected with you. You are amazing and the service you and your company has provided to us has been phenomenal. I ABSOLUTELY made the right connection and count myself lucky.

Buffey Curtis – Marketing Administrative Manager – UFC