Jet Link Corporation has a flawless safety record and is committed to making safety the number one priority. We are one of the few Private Jet Charter Brokerage firms that are Wyvern authorized. Since 1992, Wyvern has conducted more than 1,600 charter audits worldwide, using the most experienced, professionally trained auditors in the industry. Jet Link Corporation has access to in-depth information about Wyvern recommended operators, aircraft and pilots including safety records, aircraft photos, insurance information and audit reports. Once you have an assigned aircraft crew, we can verify that the trip meets Wyvern requirements using the Double-Check system.

Every private jet that Jet Link Corporation utilizes, as well as every member of the flight crew, is subject to a rigorous screening process. Crewmembers are required to display valid government issued photo identification and all aircraft is locked and secured while crewmembers are absent from the plane.

Jet Link Corporation always screens every passenger using comprehensive TSA standards. The TSA requires the full legal names of all passengers. All passengers over the age of 18 must present valid, government issued photo ID prior to boarding the aircraft. If such identification is not presented, boarding is denied. Passengers under the age of 18 must be identified by the lead passenger and all passengers are escorted from the FBO to the aircraft by a crewmember.

Jet Link Corporation always employs aircraft companies that are in full compliance with TSA, as well as local and federal law enforcement regulations to ensure your personal security and safety.

In addition to meeting all of these stringent guidelines, we make it our business to know the operators and their equipment. We continuously conduct on site evaluations of our vendor aircraft and personnel to ensure that you receive nothing but the best.

Jet Link Corporation will ensure that your safety and security is always put first.