Prepaid Charter

Addressing the needs of the frequent private jet traveler with additional savings in time & money

Jet-Link’s consistent quality service focused on VIP Travel On-Demand, is now offering the frequent private jet traveler additional convenience and savings on every trip. The program achieves this with a maintained cardholder profile and purchasing account.

The PremierCard* is like no other card program because it is the only purely-brokered (unbiased) program run by a Wyvern Authorized Broker

The purchasing account ($100,000 minimum balance) facilitates transaction clearing. You achieve discount-levels of up to 10% off fuel charges and up to 2.5% off actual flight-time charges; in which the discounts get applied to every trip, during and subsequent to reaching that discount-level. Both transaction time and fees are reduced, allowing Jet-Link to pass those savings on to the PremierCard* holder. And the best part is “convenience”: you make one phone call with the number on the back of your card and Jet-Link takes care of everything else.